Microwave Photonics millimeter-wave generation

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Short description of the participating partner organization

The Thales Aerospace Division is N°1 in Europe and N°3 worldwide and provides all the capabilities demanded by our Customers from onboard equipment, sub-systems, systems, prime contracting and high value-added services, both in civil and military markets. As prime contractor in its areas of expertise, Thales plays a pivotal role in many of today’s most ambitious aviation programs: A380, 7E7, A400M, etc. It has 12,900 employees (3,300 outside France). The division generates annual sales of €2.1 billion, with spending on Research & Development equal to 17% of sales. The recently revamped Aerospace Division combines Thales Systèmes Aéroportés, Thales Avionics, Thales Computers, Thales Microelectronics and Thales MESL. Thales Aerospace has gathered the skills of more than 5 000 engineers within an industrial and technological core that is unique in Europe, and benefits from this accumulated know-how for the design, development and manufacturing of electronic equipment, particularly mastering the following techniques and technologies: power electronics, antennas and radomes, microelectronics, analogue and microwave circuits, manufacturing technologies, information systems and digital data processing. Its technological lead in these fields naturally is compounded with the best production solution at the lowest cost.

Primary Contact Person

Dr. Stéphane Formont
2, Avenue Gay-Lussac La Clef De Saint Pierre
78990 Elancourt
Phone: +33 1 3481 3101
Fax: +33 1 3481 3219
E-Mail: click here

Short description of the participants (in alphabetical order)

Stéphane FORMONT - Project manager, member of the Advanced Technologies Department, Thales Aerospace Division.


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